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Become a vigneron and help us cultivate.

Adopt-A-Vine enables you to “adopt” an entire row of our grapevines. This unique and immersive gift is great for you or someone who enjoys good wine and wants to learn more about the vine-to-wine process.

You’ll be able to pick your favorite varietal and the row number –perhaps you have a special date or type of wine you love. Next, you’ll get a customized plaque complete with your personalized message.  Maybe you wish to celebrate a company/firm milestone, a college graduate, a marriage proposal or an important birthday!

You’ll be able to watch the growing process of your adopted vine, learn how to prune from our Vineyard Manager, receive a bounty of benefits along the way, and finally participate in harvesting grapes from your row. This truly is an ideal gift for wine lovers! All for a one-time Adoption Fee of $250.

Please review the vineyard map below before making your selection to ensure row availability.

The Benefits

Thank You for your support

A personalized, engraved plaque

Displayed on a decorative post at the top of your chosen row.

annual commemorative photograph

Keepsake photo of you with your growing row of vines.

Two complimentary tastings each visit

Enjoy the fruits of our labor every time you visit Thatch Winery.

Two complimentary Harvest Festival tickets

Join us for one of our biggest parties of the year! You'll get two complimentary tickets to our Harvest Festival the first year you adopt and 20% off Harvest Festival tickets in subsequent years.

Participate in harvesting your row

Impress your friends with your new-found knowledge of how we turn your grapes into wine.

15% discount on bottled wine*

Enjoy this lifetime discount both in our tasting room and our online wine shop.

*May not be combined with any other discounts. Highest percentage discount to which you are entitled will be honored.

Current Members and Map

Thank You for your support

A special thank you to all our members and supporters over the years. With our transition to Thatch Winery, rest assured we would never alter or remove such an important memory as Adopt A Vine without notification. Cheers to many more memories at our winery!


Row 1:  Chris Hamilton
Row 2:  Robert & Margie Moore
Row 3:  Jill & Adam Wolfe
Row 4:  Diana Simpson & Steve Spitzer
Row 5:  Beth & Tom Howell
Row 6:  The Marland Family
Row 7:  Ann & Kevin Hyde
Row 8:  Joanna & Tim Novak
Row 9:  Jake & Angel Hines
Row 10:  Peter & Jess Dimmick
Row 11:  Tanya Robles & Roy Tissue
Row 12: Robert Strong & Amanda Wasielewski
Row 13:  Jon Bonner
Row 14:  Mike & Tracy Hicks
Row 15:  Reserved


Row 1:  Chris Hamilton
Row 2:  Tim O’Leary & Courtney Freed
Row 3:  Reserved
Row 4:  Faith Garrison
Row 5:  Dan & Melanie Nimon
Row 6: Chad & Reid Byrne
Row 7:  Jonathan & Kelly White
Row 8:  Steve & Lynn Reeder
Row 9:  Jennifer & Jason Schwabline
Row 10:  Don & Angela Creech
Row 11:  Tonna Buono
Row 12:  Ray & Deb Garren
Row 13:  Michele Robbins
Row 14:  Jim Shook
Row 15:  Dennis E. Adams Jr.
Row 16:  Tammy Layne
Row 17:  Paul & Sue Savary
Row 18:  Steve Biegler
Row 19:  Lindsay & James Cathro
Row 20:  Sally McConnell
Row 21:  Jessica Ayers
Row 22:  Diane Sabo
Row 23:  Jeff & Caitlyn Nasser
Row 24: David & Missy Wesolowski
Row 25: Kathleen Turner


Row 1:  Bruce & Heather Spiess
Row 2:  Devin & Stephanie Crosby
Row 3:  Nan Mack
Row 4:  Nan Mack
Row 5:  Andi Korte
Row 6:  Mary & Danny Ritter
Row 7:  Kimberly Robertson
Row 8:  Sid & Sarah Nelson
Row 9:  Reserved
Row 10:  Sean & Melissa Sherrod
Row 11:  Reserved
Row 12:  Rebecca Hyde & Joseph Radinovic
Row 13: Katie & Caitlyn Gulyas
Row 14:  Binnie & Lee Crabtree
Row 15:  Reserved
Row 16:  Matt Niznik & Kathleen Warrell
Row 17:  Randy & Tara Birchfield
Row 18:  Reserved

Row 19:  Molly Evans & Jon Pine
Row 20:  Elise & Adam Ruemmler
Row 21:  Reserved


Row 1:  Jeffrey Miller
Row 2:  Maddie Miller
Row 3:  Taylor Miller
Row 4:  The Driggs Family
Row 5:  Ruggles Service Corp
Row 6:  Van Fitzgerald & Laura Roszell
Row 7:  Ted Santarella
Row 8:  Tiffany & Clayton Strong
Row 9:  Paula Matis & Ruth Christian
Row 10:  Steven & Rhoni Rader
Row 11:  Brian Craig
Row 12:  John & Ann Shoemaker
Row 13:  Sherry & J.R. Roby
Row 14:  Jack Stern


Row 1:  Kyle Baker & Katie Garman
Row 2:  Maggie O’Connor & Denzel Sakara
Row 4:  Michael Budlong
Row 5:  Allen & Cheryl Reynolds
Row 8:  Rebecca Erbelding & Ron Coleman
Row 10:  Taylor & Hannah Gestwick
Row 13:  Rob Kavanaugh & Meg Harris
Row 14:  Stephanie M. Hawk
Row 15:  Justin Dignam
Row 18:  Matthias Wilhelm Gaffney
Row 19:   Ryan & Amy Easterday
Row 20:  George & Cheryl Angelakis
Row 25: Christina Noel Lindh
Row 26:  Elysa Joelle Wade
Row 27:  Tim & Rhonda Beasley


Row 10: Abby & Alan Honig